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Vi Grounds excels in both designing and maintaining beautiful and complex grounds for high end residential properties and premiere commercial estates.


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Service Overview:

With over 45 years of experience in this industry you can be assured of local and environmentally sound solutions to any garden, regardless of size of terrane.

We have a wide variety of options and packages that will meet any of your grounds special needs.

Three Distinct Product Categories:

  • General Garden Services
  • Seasonal Packages and Commercial Packages
  • “Beyond Grounds” is Our Boutique Project Service

Service Breakdown

High-end residential grounds as well as; Strata, Commercial, Government and Public Spaces

  • Grounds Maintenance and Upkeep
  • Certified Arbor (tree) Services
  • Linear and Vertical Hedge Trimming
  • Custom Pruning and Shaping
  • Concept Driven Grounds Construction
  • Grounds Infrastructure and Fence Installation
  • Decorative Power Washing
  • Moss  and Speciality Garden Installation
  • Health Based Services (infestations, encroachment, root overgrowth and invasive plant management)
  • Grounds Rubbish Removal and Junk Plant Removal
  • New Gravel, Top Soil, Mulch Delivery and Installation
  • Fire Safe Strategies and Installation


Monica Alhroos is Viking International Grounds Ltd. founder and visionary leader.

Monica has been designing for many years. Regardless if it’s fashion, interiors, art or gardens her passion and creativity is very powerful. She will transform any space into something more than it originally was. She is the winner of several garden design awards and has organized and hosted many specialty garden events. She is an expert in garden design and utilization space to maximize the effect it will have for the viewer.

She uses flowers and texture as her pallet so that when finished a garden has a visual as well as a physical flow and harmony with it’s surroundings.

Monica’s use of entertainment and ambiance in the “New Garden” category of the 2006 North Shore Garden Contest Society was rewarded with a 2nd place plaque.

Monica’s vision for VI Grounds Ltd. is to change how people see and use their gardens throughout the year. She wants to make sure that everyones garden is a unique statement that can be enjoyed personally or by guests visiting the grounds.

If you have not had the opportunity we invite you to watch a short video as Monica explains the color mechanics and the design of her own award winning garden.

LINK to video

Grounds Keeper

Donavon is a multimedia visual artist who has been living and working through out the cascade region for the last 25 years.

During this time he has been honing his skills in the landscape/ Horticulture field, studying various styles and methods of gardening and planting.

This has allowed him to adapt to broad range of growing conditions and climates that affect plants and shrubs used in his gardens. Donavon has focused on garden restoration , design and installations allowing his love color, texture and composition to be felt in his work.

As we have seen the climate Donavon has set out to provide environmentally sound ways practicing his craft. Using no emissions power tools, drought tolerant plants and and water smart designs. Donavon fills his time work on various art project short stories and wilderness adventures with daughter.

Here is an audio recording of Donovan describing a recently converted and upgraded garden in North Vancouver.


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You can call us from 9am till 5pm for a no obligation consultation regarding your grounds and garden needs: 778-871-8227

Please send packages to: P.O. Box 94001 West Vancouver, V7W 2B0