Grounds Keeper

Donavon is a multimedia visual artist who has been living and working through out the cascade region for the last 25 years.

During this time he has been honing his skills in the landscape/ Horticulture field, studying various styles and methods of gardening and planting.

This has allowed him to adapt to broad range of growing conditions and climates that affect plants and shrubs used in his gardens. Donavon has focused on garden restoration , design and installations allowing his love color, texture and composition to be felt in his work.

As we have seen the climate Donavon has set out to provide environmentally sound ways practicing his craft. Using no emissions power tools, drought tolerant plants and and water smart designs. Donavon fills his time work on various art project short stories and wilderness adventures with daughter.

Here is an audio recording of Donovan describing a recently converted and upgraded garden in North Vancouver.