Monica Alhroos is Viking International Grounds Ltd. founder and visionary leader.

Monica has been designing for many years. Regardless if it’s fashion, interiors, art or gardens her passion and creativity is very powerful. She will transform any space into something more than it originally was. She is the winner of several garden design awards and has organized and hosted many specialty garden events. She is an expert in garden design and utilization space to maximize the effect it will have for the viewer.

She uses flowers and texture as her pallet so that when finished a garden has a visual as well as a physical flow and harmony with it’s surroundings.

Monica’s use of entertainment and ambiance in the “New Garden” category of the 2006 North Shore Garden Contest Society was rewarded with a 2nd place plaque.

Monica’s vision for VI Grounds Ltd. is to change how people see and use their gardens throughout the year. She wants to make sure that everyones garden is a unique statement that can be enjoyed personally or by guests visiting the grounds.

If you have not had the opportunity we invite you to watch a short video as Monica explains the color mechanics and the design of her own award winning garden.

LINK to video